Price list

We offer a wide range of:

  • "Off the peg" designs for bone china (price list below)
  • Unique One off pieces of bone china tableware. (price list below)
  • A design service where bespoke items can be created.
  • Mosaics can be created for you.
  • Ceramic tile murals or individual tiles can be painted, fired in the kiln, packaged up and sent to a destination of choice.

No two pieces are alike, each are hand painted and designed with you in mind. We don't sell to large shops, nor do we copy other artists work. People who love the work, keep coming back for more, we hope you will do the same. We are happy to offer more advice, do drop a line by emailing or phone 07830 446 049 Mondays or Tuesdays.
Payment can be made by Cheque made out to "Tiles to di for" or by paypal Please contact me before doing this to make sure that i have the shape you require in stock and can produce the work in the timescale needed. 
Price list for off the peg designs - Dandelion and Cherry blossom (writing not included)
 Large round flat platter  or oval platter   £60.    Lidded butter dish £32
Dinner plate   £35    Egg cup £7
Side plate   £25    Gravy boat with saucer £35
Cereal bowl   £27  Salt and pepper pots £25
 Tea pot  £55    Large candle holder with wax £15
Cup and saucer   £22    Vase £70
 Small mug  £13.    Small lidded box £12
 large mug  £15    Medium lidded box £16
 Lidded sugar bowl   £20  Large lidded box  £22
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Writing to be added to off the peg designs - price list
 A name            £5.00  Name and Date £8.00  Name, date and message £10.00
  • Bespoke commission price list, writing included.
Large flat platter  £90 - £120
Oval platter £70 - £100
Side plate      £45 - £55
Dinner plate   £60 - £80
 Large bowl  £80 - £100